When Should I Start Grooming My Puppy?

Is It Too Early or Too Late?

You want to start having your puppy groomed as soon as they have completed their puppy vaccinations.  This is typically around 10-12 weeks of age, but can vary based on when your puppy received their first round of puppy shots.

The best course of action is to talk to your veterinarian about your puppy vaccination schedule and then make sure you schedule their first groom based on that schedule.

Puppy Trim

For puppies up to 5 months of age, we schedule a puppy trim.  Your puppy’s first grooming experience is extremely important and sets the tone for their future grooming appointments.  This is why the earlier you start, the better. You want them to get used to grooming and comfortable with the sights and smells of a new place and new friends, both people and pets! 

Remember that our pets can pick up on our moods and emotions. You’ll want to treat it like a fun day out and not something to stress over.  If you’re stressed, they will be too.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

It can really help your puppy in the long term if they become comfortable being handled at a young age.  We are gentle and work with your puppy to keep them relaxed and make sure they enjoy the experience.

 All dogs need to keep their nails trimmed often and kept short. If your dog’s nails get too long, they can be painful when they walk, cause medical problems or even break off.  It’s best to start your puppy off early with nail trims so they are used to having their paws touched and nails trimmed.

Cute rottweiler puppy getting a bath

What’s After the Puppy Trim?

Every dog is different, based on their breed and the type of fur they have.  Dogs from shih tzu’s to doodles that have fur that grows out need to be groomed on a regular schedule.  You want to keep their fur clean and free of mats.

Short-haired dogs may not need as frequent of a grooming schedule.  They do, however, require frequent nail trims, bathing to clean and spread their natural oils through their coat to keep it shiny and healthy, and a de-shedding to release their loose fur so it’s not floating around your house!  If you have questions about your puppy’s first groom, your best bet is to ask! We’re here for you and happy to answer any questions you have to make the process as calm and enjoyable as possible for your dog and that starts with their first groom.

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