Regularly Grooming Your Dog is Good for their Overall Health

We all know that our furry friends will occasionally dig in the mud or roll in something extra stinky and need a good bath. However, what many pet owners don’t realize is that it’s actually important to ensure that you are regularly taking your pets to the groomer – in fact, it’s highly beneficial to your pet’s overall health to have them groomed on a regular basis. 

What Are the Benefits of Regular Grooming?

Some of the health benefits of regular pet grooming include: 

Skin and Coat Care

Maintaining a healthy coat is very important for pets, however, the quality of their skin may suffer if they are not groomed regularly as dirt and oil buildup can cause skin irritation. 

Regular grooming can also keep them free of tangles and mats.  Between grooming appointments, you’ll want to brush them to keep their fur shiny and tangle free.

Nail Care

It’s very important to make sure that your pet’s nails are attended to regularly, as long nails can cause foot pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain in some dog breeds. The fur between the pads can also get matted and be painful if not kept short.

Even cats need their nails trimmed from time to time, which is why it’s important to ensure that they are brought in for regular trimmings. 

Fewer Digestive Issues

Your pets will naturally groom themselves – dogs and cats alike will lick themselves in an attempt to be clean. However, this can cause digestive issues in some animals in the long run, as they may be ingesting dirt, oil, or other irritants that can lead to digestive upset and hairballs in your pets. Regular grooming reduces this buildup and allows your animal to maintain better health in the long run. 

Cute Yorkie with Muddy Face Ready for bath at Befur & After Mobile Grooming in Kennesaw, GA

How Often Should I Get My Pet Groomed?

You’ll want to consult your groomer on for a specific schedule recommended for your pet’s needs.  Make sure to check in with us at your next appointment to get your pet on their best grooming schedule.

Typically, your pet will likely need a bath and/or groom every 3-6 weeks.  This can vary by pet and the more hair your dog has, the more often they’ll need to visit the groomer. 

It is important to remember that you want to avoid bathing your animals too frequently, as this can dry out their skin and cause chronic skin conditions down the road.  The next time you bring your dog in to Befur & After for a groom, ask your groomer.  They’ll be able to recommend a schedule for regular grooming sessions, depending on your pet’s breed, activity levels, their coat, allergies, and your specific needs. 

Starting a regular grooming routine with your pet ensures that you are looking out for their best interests. If you ever have concerns about your pet’s routine, don’t hesitate to ask us for more information. Your pets are family and at Befur & After, we care for them in a stress-free environment, with personal attention and specialized care.

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