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Befur & After Mobile Pet Grooming is a stress-free environment for your furry friend. Each client gets personal attention, specialized care, and expert grooming services.

Below are a few examples of our cuties before their grooming and after.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We require up-to-date rabies. You can have your vet email to info@befurandaftermobilegrooming.com or text to 404-966-9900 or be prepared to provide the information at the time of the appointment.

Grooming your pet requires a time commitment and willingness take on the responsibility of trimming nails and bathing at a minimum. If your pup has long hair then you’ll need to learn basic hair trimming techniques depending upon their breed. Some of the reasons to use a professional groomer are:

  • Experience handling dogs of different breeds and size.
  • The right grooming tools and know which ones are best to use depending upon your pet’s breed and coat condition.
  • Manage unsavory tasks like flea control, anal gland expression, etc.

Grooming is important to maintaining your pet’s health and cleanliness. Groomers can spot possible health conditions that should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian. Having a professional brush your dog’s hair can prevent mats that can cause knots in your pet’s hair especially with double-coated dogs. Mats can lead to pain and discomfort and may require your pet be shaved. A good brushing will also make your dog’s coat shine. Regular nail trimming or grinding prevents nails curling and growing into their skin.

Many times, your groomer will be the first to spot skin infections or other problems because they know what to look for. They will find inflammations, new lumps, infections, rashes or lesions that may be missed by even the most diligent owner. They may also catch an underlying problem, and the sooner these issues are found, the sooner they can be treated.

The proper frequency of grooming sessions depends on your pet’s breed, hair length, and coat type. In most cases, though, regular grooming should be done about every four to six weeks.

The duration of a grooming session depends on the size of your pet, and their coat type and length. It also depends on what types of services are requested and how cooperative your pet is. Ask at drop-off for an estimate of how long the session will take.

Our reservationist can give you an estimate when you call to schedule an appointment. At the time of the appointment, the groomer can give you a firm price based on seeing your pup and discussing the services you’ve requested

Please see our Services page for information regarding our deposit and cancellation policy.

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