Mobile Dog Grooming

Befur & After Mobile Pet Grooming fees are determined by the size, breed, temperament, and condition of a pet’s coat and services selected. When scheduling an appointment, our reservationist provides an estimate. At the appointment, the groomer will confirm the services requested, assess the condition of your pet’s coats, and provide a firm price before getting started. Please note that either the pet owner or an authorized representative must be present to consult with the groomer, approve services and make payment. We accept all major credit cards.

Bath & Blow-Dry

  • Warm bath and shampoo / conditioner selected specifically for your pet.
  • Ears cleaned and hair plucked, if necessary
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Hand fluff drying
  • Complete brush out
  • Nail trim and grind if able
  • Bows or bandana and cologne
  • Mini Groom

    Includes everything listed in Bath & Blow-Dry plus the following:

  • Feet shaped and hair shaved from paw pads
  • Light trim on face (around eyes and mouth)
  • Full Groom

    All of the above plus an all over body haircut.

    Puppy Trim

    For puppies 5 months or younger. Pet owners should start as soon as their pet has finished their puppy vaccinations to begin a routine. Particularly those with long/thick coats.

    Add Ons

    Teeth Brushing

    De-matting fee

    the process of removing matted fur. If your pet is significantly matted, shaving may be the best option for the comfort and safety of the pet.


    a process that removes loose, dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat.

    Extra care / Special handling

    for pets that require more time due to age, aggression, or a medical condition.

    Deposit / Cancellation Policy

    Our reservationist works to ensure that you receive an appointment that fits your needs and schedule and that we’ve allotted adequate time for your pet. Consequently, B&A Mobile Grooming requires a deposit of $25 that is applied to your appointment.

    We understand unforeseen circumstances arise. However, missed appointments are lost opportunities for other clients who wanted an appointment that day and lost income for the groomer who works on commission. So we ask that clients give 72 hours notice of cancellation in order for us to try and re-book the open appointment. In return, we’ll apply your $25 deposit to the next appointment if it’s re-booked within two weeks from the cancellation date.

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