Grooming Tips to Get Your Dog Ready for Spring

The weather is finally getting warmer, the days longer and our pets are itching to get out and have extra long walks and fun in the sun!  They love getting out and taking in all of the scents of spring and hearing the birds chirping. Now that spring is in the air, you’ll want make sure that you’ve prepared them for it. We’ve come up with several grooming tips to help you get your dog ready for spring.

Bath Time

Give your dog a good bath to clean off the winter and dirt and help release some of their loose fur before you give them a good brush.  Make sure that you get all of the soapy suds off them before you dry them off, you don’t want their skin to get irritated.

Bathing your dog can be difficult and make a bit of a mess in your house, give us a call to schedule your dog’s Bath & Blow-Dry and let us handle it for you.

Fur’s Flying

During the cold winter months, your dog’s coat got thicker to keep them warm, but now they’re starting to shed that winter coat and need your help. This is especially the case if you’re trying to minimize the amount of loose fur floating around your house.

Take time to thoroughly brush your pet in the spring. There are several ways they will benefit from a good brushing.

  • Helps release their winter coat
  • Spreads your dog’s natural oils through their coat to keep it shiny and healthy
  • Decreases mats in their fur by catching it sooner
  • You may spot health issues like bumps or hots spots sooner
  • They’ll LOVE the extra love and attention


It’s best to keep your dog’s nails trimmed short year-round, but especially in the spring and summer when they’re out running and playing.  Long nails can trap extra dirt and mud and be uncomfortable for them. 

Long nails on your dog can also be a health concern.  While they’re running and enjoying the weather, they can snag long nails and break them off, exposing the quick. 

Fun in the Sun

Springtime is so much fun for our dog.  Whether they’ve been cooped up inside or just don’t like the cold weather much, now is the time for them to run, play and have a ball.  Just remember that they may be rearing to go, but make sure you’ve prepared them for spring by paying a little more attention to their grooming needs to keep them happy and healthy!

Grooming your pet can be a chore that’s not fun and a bit messy when done in your bathtub. There’s no need to have soap and water all over the house, give us a call and schedule your pet’s spring grooming appointment today!

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