Tips For Keeping Your Pets Happy, Warm and Safe This Winter

Our pet’s happiness, care, and comfort are a top priority. That is why during the winter months, ensuring that they are cozy, warm, and well taken care of is extremely important. After all, most of their winter care needs require our help. That is why there are a few things that all pet owners should be paying attention to daily, in order to make sure that the winter months are a breeze for their little furry ones. Let’s take a look at some items that can help prepare your pets this winter.

Winter Paw Safety

It is important to make sure that the our pet’s paws are properly cared for year-round. In the summer, this means keeping our pets off hot pavement and in the winter, it means we need to protect them from the cold weather elements.

We don’t see too much snow here in the Atlanta area, but we are known for our bad ice storms. Remember Snowmageddon? There was a little snow and a lot of ice!

When your pets go out in the winter, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of checking their paws for any small cuts or abrasions that can lead to more serious problems if not treated.

Paw Balm and Booties

If your pet will wear them, try getting some cute booties for them to wear outside.  If they won’t tolerate them, get some paw balm to help protect their paws during the winter months.  This can also be used year-round to help keep the paws from cracking, may alleviate pain, soothe irritations and heal scrapes and sores from walking in inclement weather.

dog on leash walking on street covered with snow
Keep your pet’s paws clean and safe this winter.

Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

The need for ice melt is often unavoidable to clear walkways and driveways. Take precaution when your pet is outside for their potty breaks that they aren’t walking on all the salt that may blend in with the icy sidewalks. It can irritate their paws and can cause an upset tummy if they then lick their paws.

It’s a good idea to get some ice melt that is pet-friendly.  This means it will be free of extremely harsh and harmful chemicals that can irritate your pet’s paws, skin and stomach. Using pet-friendly ice melt will helps your pets and also any of their furry neighbor friends walking by too!

If you don’t have booties on your pets, thoroughly clean their paws as soon as they come inside. Even if there is pet-friendly ice melt, it still contains chemicals, but is a safer alternative. 

Warm Bed and Blanket

While we don’t see as extreme temperatures in Atlanta that the North does, it can still get pretty cold.  Pets, just like humans, love to cozy up in a nice warm place and relax for a while during the harsh winter months. Having a cozy blanket and bed for your pet to retreat to will be just as nice for them as it is for you.

Have you seen some of the cozy cave pet beds? They’re adorable and some pets LOVE them!

Pet Sweaters

Will your pet wear a sweater? When you can manage to get them out of their cozy bed for their potty break, it may be a good idea to put a sweater on them for their trip outside.  When they’re nice and cozy inside, going outside can be a harsh change for them.

Plenty of Toys

The winter blues happens for pets just as easily as humans. In a season where your pets are likely to be inside more often than not, it is nice to have plenty of stimulating toys for them to stay active. You never want to leave them feeling bored, simply because the weather outside is unpleasant. Make sure to get them some fun new toys to keep their minds active during the winter.

Joint Care

The cold weather can be hard on pets, especially elderly pets who may already suffer from joint pain due to age. It’s a great idea to speak with your veterinarian about potential joint care tips, and programs to keep your furry family member pain free and active even in the cold.

Stay Warm This Winter

These are just a few winter weather tips to make sure the cold winter season is as comfortable as possible for our furry family members. With a little care, and some extra preparation, you and your pet can enjoy the cozy winter days together.  

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