Does my cat need to be groomed?

You see cats grooming themselves frequently, licking their paws or chewing on their skin. However, just because they spend a lot of time bathing themselves, it’s still important for them to see a professional groomer.  Some cats are prone to hairballs, excessive shedding or matting fur and need a regular groom, other than what they can do themselves.

Allergens on their Fur

Your cat’s fur is will shed regularly which means you’ll most likely find some hair on your cushions, bedding, and other surfaces. Regular brushing means you’ll remove the loose fur and keep the cat’s skin healthier.

If your cat spends any time outside, they’ll also pick up allergens from the environment on their fur, like all of our Georgia pollen.  Even pets that never go outside collect dander in their fur, and dust and allergens from household products. It’s best to brush the dander off their fur and remove shedding fur so that they don’t ingest it and cause stomach problems. 

Having Befur & After groom your cat will remove the mats, tangles and shedding fur with the proper tools.  This means that your cat will be more comfortable and have a much easier grooming process. 

kitten showing off paws and claws
Are you having your cat’s nails trimmed regularly?

Nail Trims for Your Cat

Unlike a dog’s nails, cat’s nails retract in and are hidden when not out in use for climbing or scratching.  Having scratching posts will help their nails but is not enough to keep them short.

Like dogs, if a cat’s nails are allowed to grow too long, they will cause pain and can even grow back into the paw.  When trimming their nails, cats may also need the hair between their toes clipped.  This ensures that their litter and other debris doesn’t get caught in their fur and then tracked through your house.

Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed to a healthy length is important for their health, but many of our pets don’t like to have their paws touched.  This is why having our professional groomers with the proper tools and training to help keep them calm and relaxed is your best option.

 Early Detection of Problems

The one area that cats can’t clean well for themselves are their ears.  Cleaning their ears of excess wax and dirt is especially important for our feline friends as we may detect any issues early that may require additional veterinary exam. 

Having your cat regularly groomed is good for their overall health.  While removing matted or loose fur our groomers may also detecting hidden bumps, skin irritations and other health issues before they may otherwise be evident.

How long has it been since your cat was groomed? Give us a call so that they can have a calm and luxurious experience with our professional groomers.  They’ll come back clean and purring!

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