Do Pets Really Need Dental Care?

Pet Parents: Keeping Informed About Oral Care

These are common questions we get: Does my pet really need dental care? How important is it to have my pet’s teeth regularly brushed? Pet parents need to be informed about the importance of pet dental care because good pet oral care is vital to their overall health.

Good pet dental health will give your pet healthy gums and teeth. It’s important because any type of bacteria in the plaque has the ability to enter the bloodstream of your pet. If it enters the bloodstream, it can spread to the liver, kidneys and heart. Pet dental care will prevent many health issues and it will keep your pet healthy, happy and even extend their lives.

Pet Health Care: Pain Prevention

Pet dental health is essential and helps with pain prevention to keep pets comfortable and healthy. Every pet will have freedom from pain every day with good oral care in place. When pet parents take the time to provide decent oral care the following will issues may be eliminated:

* The first sign of a problem is often a pet’s bad breath.  We love giving our pets kisses, but it can be unpleasant if they have bad breath.

* tooth loss & mouth pain; regular oral exams will reduce infections which leads to painful teeth loss. Every pet deserves to eat and live in comfort and many painful conditions will be eliminated with decent dental care. Mouth pain tends to come from infections and lack of oral care.

* heart disease and their internal organs; there is a link between poor oral health and heart disease in pets. Many internal organs can be harmed if dental care is not taken seriously. Infections can greatly damage internal organs and shorten their lives if untreated.

* weight loss is a symptom that is often associated with poor oral care. Our pet’s gums can become infected and they are unable to eat due to the pain. Chronic oral pain tends to reduce appetites and weight loss often follows poor oral care makes it very painful to eat.

corgi Dog jumping on tree trunk autumn leaves
A pet’s oral health is important to their overall health!

Pets Really Do Need Dental Care

Pets really need dental care because it prevents much unneeded oral pain and keeps them healthy. Healthy gums and teeth will keep your pet smiling. You can stop bacteria from spreading to the bloodstream and damaging their vital organs with a good dental care routine. Every pet parent can prevent unnecessary health problems when they take the time to provide proper dental care to their beloved pets.

Along with regular cleaning, providing your pets with a nutritious food, and healthy treats can help.  Dogs love to chew, so make sure to get them some healthy bones and bully stocks to chew on that can keep their teeth pearly white between cleanings.

When you schedule your pet’s next grooming appointment, make sure to ask about having their teeth cleaned.  It’s so important, but can sometimes be hard for a pet parent to get them brushed really well and during their grooming visit is a great time to have us focus on a good teeth brushing. Good oral health and dental care for our pets is important for their overall health and well-being. For any serious dental issues, you should consult with your veterinarian.

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