Interactive Pet Toys Can Keep Pets Busy

It’s been an especially rainy year so far in Atlanta and there are times that you come home from work and just watch a movie on Netflix, but then you look at your pet and know they need some extra attention.  Have you tried interactive toys?  They are one of the best ways to keep your pet entertained.

Dogs can entertain themselves for hours when left at home on their own while you work. Cats can amuse themselves for a while in the evening when you are busy entertaining and feeding other family members. So, what interactive pet toys should you give to your pet?

Food Dispensing and Robotic Dog Toys

If companionship is an issue, and your dog isn’t afraid of robots, there are some smart robotic devices out there that want to play with your pet. There are chew toys on wheels that will interact with your pup. There are also food dispensers that love to be chased around. As long as you charge them up and fill them with food then you can set them loose.

You can also try a DIY approach and cut a line in a tennis ball and fill it with treats and have your dog play with the ball and try to get the treats out.

Ball Launchers

A game of fetch never gets boring for your dog and they don’t always need you with them to make it fun. A ball launcher is their dream come true as it never seems to tire. Just be careful using this indoors near anything fragile.  There are some designed to be used indoors, if you have the space for it, but others are best used outdoors.

leashed dog checking on the new toy
Dogs LOVE toys that dispense treats!

Robotic Cat Toys

It isn’t just dogs that get all the fun. There are a small robotic mouse that will zoom around the room and even play dead. It is a good way of keeping your cats active and alert when they are home alone.  If your cat is a fan of catnip, look for one that you can sprinkle some on for extra fun.

You can also find different YouTube channels for fun DIY cat toys that you can make on a rainy weekend afternoon.

Cat Play Circuits

Cats also love enclosed play circuits.  You can set up the enclosed track in a circuit on the floor. Cats watch as the ball whizzes around and they will try and catch them. There are small holes for them to do so but it won’t be easy. These toys really stimulate your cat’s senses. They can hear and see the ball zooming around the circuit and have hours of fun. 


Often times our pets need to expel that extra energy with a trip to daycare.  Having them spend the day romping with all of their friends will leave them exhausted so they’re ready to curl up on the sofa with you!

Check out the options available for the different toys and check out some of the fun DIY toys to see what suits your situation and the needs of your pet. It might surprise you how much they engage your furry friend and improve their day.  The next time it’s rainy and you want to relax with a movie, but your best friend is wide awake, you can sit back and watch them have fun!

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