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Cute tan chihuahua giving high five for 5 Dog Paw Health Tips

5 Tips for Dog Paw Health

June 18, 2019

As a pet parent, we may not think too often about our dog’s paws, but it’s important to regularly check on them to make sure they are healthy.  Our pets are running around “barefoot” all the time and while they may look tough, any slight injury can be painful for them. There are several items…

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Regularly Grooming Your Dog is Good for their Overall Health

May 21, 2019

We all know that our furry friends will occasionally dig in the mud or roll in something extra stinky and need a good bath. However, what many pet owners don’t realize is that it’s actually important to ensure that you are regularly taking your pets to the groomer – in fact, it’s highly beneficial to…

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cute yorkie puppy getting groomed

When Should I Start Grooming My Puppy?

April 16, 2019

Is It Too Early or Too Late? You want to start having your puppy groomed as soon as they have completed their puppy vaccinations.  This is typically around 10-12 weeks of age, but can vary based on when your puppy received their first round of puppy shots. The best course of action is to talk…

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Yellow Lab Smiling - Spring Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips to Get Your Dog Ready for Spring

March 19, 2019

The weather is finally getting warmer, the days longer and our pets are itching to get out and have extra long walks and fun in the sun!  They love getting out and taking in all of the scents of spring and hearing the birds chirping. Now that spring is in the air, you’ll want make…

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