Fun Things to do with Your Pet while at Home

dog playing with tennis ball laying on ground tongue out

With the current shelter-in-place order, our schedules and our pet’s routines have been significantly impacted.  Our daily routines have changed and many are working from home as much as able.  Our pets have definitely noticed the change.  This is a good opportunity to spend some extra time with our pets doing new things that we…

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Does my pet have allergies?

adorable dog laying on the grass

During springtime in Atlanta, you can usually count on one given every year: POLLEN! Lots of it! You often find yourself sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and general all-around yuckiness. Unfortunately, our pets can suffer from allergies too. You want to know the symptoms so you can help them feel better. We all…

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Do Pets Really Need Dental Care?

dog smiling and showing white teeth

Pet Parents: Keeping Informed About Oral Care These are common questions we get: Does my pet really need dental care? How important is it to have my pet’s teeth regularly brushed? Pet parents need to be informed about the importance of pet dental care because good pet oral care is vital to their overall health.…

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Does my cat need to be groomed?

Orange and white Cat licking foot

You see cats grooming themselves frequently, licking their paws or chewing on their skin. However, just because they spend a lot of time bathing themselves, it’s still important for them to see a professional groomer.  Some cats are prone to hairballs, excessive shedding or matting fur and need a regular groom, other than what they…

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Fall Pet Safety Tips

welsh corgi pembroke fall atlanta leaves

Fall is here, at least that’s what the calendar says! Although Atlanta may still have hot days, the evening air is getting a little cooler as the days get shorter.  We can even see the beautiful fall leaves changing colors and falling to the ground for our kids (furry and human) to play in. While…

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Planning a Hike with Your Dog

black white rescue dog planning fall hike Kennesaw Georgia

Fall is a wonderful time in Atlanta and an even better time to get outdoors as the weather starts to cool down a bit from the sweltering summer heat.  Planning a short or even longer hike with your dog can be a fun activity and help you both get in some exercise.  If you are…

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Bringing Home a New Puppy

Things to Consider When Bringing Home a New Puppy Bringing home a new puppy is a refreshing experience and an unforgettable one. But no matter how much research you’ve done, there might still be some lingering worries about if you’re prepared to bring that new one home or even if there are some things that…

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5 Pet Summer Safety Tips

cute older dog runs on the meadow in hot Atlanta summer

Enjoying the Atlanta Sun Safely Atlanta’s summer heat provides plenty of opportunities to have fun in the sun, but it can also be dangerous for our fur babies. Before you take them out for a walk or to their favorite park this summer, take the time to read through our 5 pet summer safety tips…

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